Coming Soon: Microsoft Teams/Graph Integration

Aug 18, 2020 | Written by Cristian Tountzis

Microsoft Teams is the communication app of choice for many organisations, with 75 million daily active users. That's also a lot of performance data collected against your employees, data points like meetings times, number of calls and many more.

We want to help our new and existing customers take advantage of these data points, so we're excited to walk you through our upcoming Microsoft Teams/Graph Integration.

Why Microsoft Teams/Graph

At Everperform, we believe that the more accurately you can measure someone's performance, the easier it is to help them improve. Many professional service firms use Microsoft products for their daily communication but aren't fully utilising the data stored against them. There may be for several reasons for this:

  1. They don't have a dedicated IT/Analytics department with the technical skills to access the data.
  2. They don't know what data points they could potentially be tracking.

We want to make it easy for organisations to measure and analyse how employees are communicating, the frequency of collaboration, and the impact those actions (or inactions) are having on both individual and business performance. For example, imagine being able to view the number of internal meetings across your firm against your profit monthly, and seeing the impact that too many meetings have on your ability to grow your business. That's what we are aiming to give our new and existing customers.

What Data Points

If you're using Microsoft products, there's a lot of data you can access. And we mean A LOT. Almost too much to use them effectively, so the first version of this integration is keeping it simple. Users will be able to download a spreadsheet/CSV file of their Microsoft data from Everperform to import into KPIs or use externally in BI tools.

Here are a few examples of data points you will be able to access via Everperform. Most of these data points will be available per user.

Microsoft Teams User Activity

  • Team Chat Message Count
  • Private Chat Message Count
  • Call Count
  • Meeting Count

Email Activities

  • Number Sent
  • Number Received
  • Number Read

Office365 Activities

Exchange Emails Received

  • Yammer Messages Posted
  • Yammer Messages Read
  • Yammer Messages Liked

Our Microsoft integration is on track to be released in September, and for existing customers, we will update you when it's ready to use. If you aren't an existing customer, but want to learn more about using Microsoft Graph data, or using our other integrations like Xero and Xero Practice Manager, feel free to get in touch with us.

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