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Customer Story: How Power Tynan is taking their performance to the next level

Oct 30, 2019 | Written by Daniel Spitty

Power Tynan have been a longtime customer of Everperform, and we're really excited about taking their journey to the next level driven by the leadership of Amanda Kenafake, Power Tynan's CEO.

If you don't know, Power Tynan is a prolific award winner in the Australian Accounting industry, in particular, awards that relate to their Graduate and People programs and culture. Hence why there is such a strong alignment with the Everperofrm beliefs and values, a match made for success.

This journey started more than two years ago with some early success in using Everperform to measure the lead indicators, particularly confidence, and the impact of improving those lead indicators across the firm and the flow-on effect of this to their performance results.

With the improvement in performance results were significant, and the connection between confidence and results even more so. There was an 8% increase in confidence which led to an 18% increase in billable hours within the first 90 days. And the success hasn't stopped there.

Together with the leadership team and the personalization team from Everperform, we have been busy and refreshing the PT playbook that they will now use in FY20. This playbook is an extension of lead indicators which now covers much more than just confidence but also covers in the areas of mindset, behaviors, capability, capacity, focus, and value. And in conjunction with this, there is a slight shift in their KPIs that they're measuring, which are being automatically updated from their practice management system, APS. Moving further away from time-based KPIs and more towards impact and value-based KPIs that give a true reflection of the contribution they are making on their customers.

With this shift, there has already been such a positive reaction from the team, and a new level of energy based on the new fortnightly pulses being sent.

This is all being done in the name of 'insights for improvement', with the new features in the Everperform platform and mobile app coming soon that will be able to recommend the top 3 lead indicators to focus on to improve. And this will be personalised for every one of the 55 employees, automatically.

"At the end of the day we are in a service business and everything we do is people-related, so it's great to be able to work closely with all of our team, to ensure that we are all aligned and setting short and long term goals.

If we can get all of our team working at peak performance then we have a great team that can deliver great service to our clients and helps them to achieve their goals, both business and personal. Everperform allows for easy interactions between our team and ensure that we can continue operating in a very open and transparent way with each other to help deliver on these personal KPI's and align personal goals with the business KPI’s and goals all the time. 

Using Everperform has allowed us to be very open in conversation regarding mindset, behaviors, resilience, capability, and capacity." 

- Amanda Kenafake, CEO, Power Tynan. 

So again, we're looking forward to another award-winning year from Power Tynan and we will keep you updated not only on their success but also the learnings that came from this phase of their journey towards high performance. 

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