Customer Story: How Power Tynan stays ahead in professional services

Sep 8, 2019 | Written by Everperform HQ

With evolving technology and changing client demands, the landscape of the accounting industry has and will continue to change. Experiencing the uncertainty of this changing landscape Power Tynan, a professional services firm based in Toowoomba and Stanthorpe, recognised a need to disrupt their business model whilst maintaining and improving staff morale, productivity and performance. Their business transformation came in the form of moving from compliance to an advisory firm and they partnered with Everperform to validate this change.

A Holistic Overview

Power Tynan partnered with Everperform in September 2017 to measure and track performance across all employees in their Toowoomba headquarters. The firm already had a unique value proposition to offer their customers yet they wanted to utilise Everperform to validate it. Their goal was to move smarter and faster towards their advisory future and to track the effectiveness of this change so that they could offer business solutions to their customers based on evidence as opposed to theory. In others words they were the guinea pigs so that they could confidently offer solutions to their customers.

Using the Everperform tool, Power Tynan had access to a holistic overview of their team, utilising all of our features including KPI, Goal, Observation and Feedback measurement and trend tracking. All their systems become one, allowing them to see their team’s activity in real time and to get the insights to focus them on what matters.

“I have found that Everperform has enabled me to have a complete overview of my team and that of the entire organisation ongoing and have a continuous pulse as to what is happening. We can now accurately measure where we are as a firm on softer skills that have been traditionally harder to measure.” - Amanda Kenafake, CEO

Transparency and Trust

Everperform and Power Tynan are aligned on their values of team and trust, with both companies prioritising meaningful conversations with their team and improving transparency in the workspace. In fact, on the wall in Power Tynan’s headquarters is their formula for trust:

Their continuous feedback pulsing, goal setting and overall performance tracking was completely transparent which, aligned with their formula, ensured reliability, integrity, credibility and knowledge existed above self-interest. Their open communication enabled more meaningful conversations to occur among the team and eliminated the annual performance review. Read why we only offer transparent services here.

“Everperform has helped me create more time by facilitating easy monitoring of team performance and providing feedback in a centralised location, whilst also allowing my team and I to focus on their future aspirations as well and ensure they become the best them they can be.”


Six months into using the Everperform platform, Power Tynan has just had the best feedback on their workplace employee engagement survey that they have ever reached with a 100% response rate (first ever) and a score of 82% (highest ever). So what changed?

From an employee perspective: Team members had a transparent technology system that checked how they were feeling, made sure that had everything they needed to deliver, tracked their productivity and innovation. They also had managers checking in with the data, providing feedback and following up on challenges in real time, not six months after the event.

From a team leader perspective: They had access to meaningful data on their team members’ state, capability and capacity and knew what the team needed and when they needed it.

HR loves the ability to now use Everperform to measure the impact of changes being made, the correlations that are generated and the increase in confidence and performance at a team, organisation and individual level. Their previous need for external benchmarking no longer exists.

“Everperform provides me with real-time insights into the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our people activities and initiatives. My interactions with team leaders and team members are richer than ever, because our conversations are now focused on what matters, and are based on data and evidence”

Crafting Certainty

With a change in business model, fewer people have certainty in a time when they want to be comfortable in their future. For the people of Power Tynan, they wanted to be innovative and challenge the status quo yet they weren’t moving at a pace that provided any certainty due to being unclear on the ‘how’ to get to the end goal. Through Everperform, Power Tynan was able to focus on what matters to help them improve thus crafting certainty in a time of change.

In a recent conference Power Tynan CEO, Amanda Kenafake stated “the KPIs set for the next 12 months will be completely different to those set in last 12”. This highlights that the business has completely evolved yet during the transformation Amanda is much more comfortable living in the ‘in between’. She has certainty in uncertainty and knows that she has a great team on board. Power Tynan now has confidence moving forward and existing as the number one trusted advisor for businesses.

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