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Get your team aligned and watch the confidence in the company success skyrocket.

Sep 18, 2017 | Written by Everperform HQ

One of the most pivotal aspects of business success is having a team aligned with (and operating authentically by) a common vision, mission and purpose. As businesses grow and demand from consumers comes rolling in, it can be easy for employees to head in different directions in terms of the vision, mission and goals. This can lead to employees projecting what they think is important for the company’s growth from a personal, rather than a consolidated, perspective thus creating discordance and misalignment in the company.

When misalignment festers… Confidence in company success stoops. Trust me… I’ve witnessed it.

When I first started working for Everperform, I would get different answers when I asked about the direction the company was moving in… Simultaneously, the confidence in the apps success would continually oscillate.

So how do you improve the confidence in the company and therefore the success of the company?… Get your team aligned on the organisation’s vision, mission and purpose. Once these factors are decided on, every decision made by the company employees should align with the predetermined vision, mission and purpose and therefore your company is always moving in the same direction.

Recently… The Everperform leading five (Roland, Alex, Daniel, Wade and Cristian) sat down, brainstormed and set in stone the vision, mission and purpose of Everperform.

Purpose: We help people save time to focus on what matters

Mission: Measure the world’s performance data to accelerate human improvement by 1% everyday

Vision: To be the most trusted technology that enhances human performance

A couple of weeks post vision, mission and purpose agreement I sat down with four of the leadership five in Everperform to gain insight into how they viewed Everperform, their predictions for Everperform and their confidence in the success of the platform.

What sets Everperform apart?

The team agreed Everperform solves a problem that no one else has. Other companies solve aspects of what we do but we “put everything in one spot and make it meaningful”. Our aim is not to solve one part of a business or life problem yet instead we solve it all holistically. Creating Everperform certainly isn’t easy but the team is committed to providing solutions and being a step ahead of the game.

“Getting Wade’s brain into a website is challenging” - Cristian (Head of Customer and Design)

The team also has a strong sense of ‘us’. A lot of the language in the interviews included terms such as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘team’. It became clear that Everperform was a not a separate entity to which the team would switch on and off to but instead Everperform was the team — it was the minds, ideas and insights of the people. When I asked ‘what sets Everperform apart’ a common answer was the collective team experience and a group of committed, motivated and passionate people working on a product that they whole-heartedly believe in.

Where do you see Everperform in…

Six Months

Cristian — “We will be emerging into the market as big player in the human performance space.”

Roland — “We will be very focused in selected target areas. We will have more partners and ongoing sales traction. — We will be earning revenue while we sleep.”

Alex — “We will have a sharp increase in our user base”

Daniel — “We’ll be on a beach somewhere and the general population will be aware of Everperform”.

One Year

Cristian — “We will have a really strong foundation in the market and performance space. Our focus will be on helping individuals rather than teams and businesses.”

Roland — “The impact of our digital campaign will be getting traction and we will be gaining customers outside of Australia — out reach will become global. We are gaining a significant market share and we’ll have just had our first overseas trip to Hawaii for Friday night drinks”

Alex — “We will be continuing to adapt, get more of a sense from our customers about what features are valuable and dumping unused products”

Daniel — “We’ll have the coolest office in town.”

Five Years

Cristian — “We will be continuing to take off in terms of artificial intelligence.”

Roland — “We will have two market offerings and be in split in two businesses — consumer product and business on its own. The team performance will be a mature money making business and we will have a corporate head office… We are now going to Hawaii more frequently and staying longer… Actually I won’t be coming home much at all.”

Alex — “We could be really big by then”

Daniel — “Rather than Googling, people will be saying Just Everperform It”.

I enjoyed asking the team where they saw Everperform in the future and I trust that all their future predictions come true… For selfish reasons though I have my fingers crossed for Roland’s one-year goal (I’ve never been to Hawaii).

What struck the most was that when I asked the team about their confidence in Everperform’s success out of 10, I was getting numbers 8–11. When I asked them to think back to six months ago, the numbers were much much lower.

“I have 100% confidence that we are going to nail it”. - Cristian (Head of Customer and Design)

The language use of ‘us’ and ‘we’ as opposed to ‘me in Everperform’ highlighted that everyone has a stake in the game. Compared with 6 months ago the team is now aligned on a common vision, mission and purpose — there is common and clear goal for the future of Everperform. With the team aligned, there is a stronger sense of belonging and a confidence in the success of Everperform that is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was 6 months ago. The confidence in the organisation’s success is highly correlated with the actually success of the company because… Confidence = motivational factor and motivated employees = productive employees.


Firstly: Watch this space because in one year’s time I will be writing from Hawaii.

Secondly: In five years time ‘Just Everperform it’ will become a part of your vocabulary.

Thirdly: Get your team aligned on a common vision, mission and purpose and watch your confidence skyrocket!

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