How is Everperform unique?

Sep 19, 2019 | Written by Daniel Spitty

Our solution is unique in several dimensions, but ultimately it is the combination of these dimensions that make Everperform unique overall: 

The single view of you

Everperform provides an up to date view of YOU, based on the data that you choose to make available. Our intent is for this dynamic profile to be as holistic as possible, as this fuels more valuable insights for the individual and expands self-awareness. You can now go to one place to answer the questions, 'where am I at right now?', 'what progress have I made?' and 'what should I focus on next?' 

The measurement framework

The Everperform measurement platform has been built, refined and enhanced over the past 20+ years. Our Founder, Wade Keenan, created the idea from his career in high-performance sporting teams and the mega-spreadsheet was converted to the Everperform app when we were incorporated over 4 years ago. The combination of metrics, ratings, activities and evolving playbooks are all inputs into the scoring algorithms that help determine an accurate representation of an individual.

 Our Playbook operating cycle

The operating cycle is a scheduling engine that generates requests for data and presentation of insights based on intelligence. Think of it as a really smart calendar, constantly adapting based on your score and focus that is also personalised just for you. This is driven by the need to remain relevant to our users as they continue to learn more about themselves and evolve to new interests or focus areas. 

You own the data

As individuals, you own your data. We believe that individuals should be empowered to decide what they then wish to do with that data, rather than that being decided for them by businesses or others. Playbook owners/producers have access to this data for the period of time that the individual grants them access to do so, and playbook indexes are always live with aggregated views of this data across populations of individuals. 

The score and the index

The scoring algorithms within the core Everperform platform are unique and on mass, create unique indexes across populations for playbook owners/producers. This provides playbook producers with a new way of really understanding the impact that their brand /company/influence is having on their intended audience.

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