Manager dashboard gives you whole new insight into your people

Feb 23, 2020 | Written by Cristian Tountzis

We recently announced our individual insights dashboard, helping employees and managers correlate wellbeing and performance in one view while providing insights needed to drive more frequent and meaningful check-ins. We've taken it one step further with our latest manager dashboard, giving managers an overview of wellbeing and performance across their team and more.

If you're a manager using Everperform, you can take a look at your new dashboard here. If not, signup for an account here, invite your team members, and you'll be well on your way to powerful insights on your people.

On the dashboard, you'll find these beneficial data points about your team:

Overall Score

You can now see an overall score trend for your team (limited to 1 month for now). Selecting a team member from the table below will show their overall score trend compared to the team, and you can select multiple team members to compare across the board.

Recent Activities

Recent activities from your team show you what's been happening, and pulses that have been completed recently. This can help managers give context to the overall scores, and selecting a team member will filter the activities down.

Recent Observations

Like the recent activities above, you can view observations made from and about your team members in the same dashboard. These observations are can be great indicators of potential performance issues in your team, and are great for managers looking for transparency and open feedback.

We believe great manager-employee interactions lead to better engagement and performance, both for individuals and the business, so we designed the manager dashboard to help kick-off these interactions.

If you and your team aren't on Everperform yet, and you want to the manager dashboard live (plus other great features in our platform), book in a time with our team here. Or, if you want to get straight into it, you can signup for an account and get started straight away.

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