Org-wide analytics and visuals: A new way to view performance

Mar 12, 2021 | Written by Cristian Tountzis

We've spent the last few months looking at ways to make performance reporting and analysis feel less like work, and now we're excited to show you our new organisation-wide analytics features available in Everperform.

  • Compare like metrics with employee ladders

Create employee ladders based on any combination of measurements you have data for.

  • View comparison data graphically with bar graphs and scatter diagrams

Compare employee measurements visually with bar graphs, 2D and 3D scatter diagrams.

Compare like metrics with employee ladders

Want to see how employees are performing across like measures in one place? No problem! Our new organisation-wide reporting does it all for you. You can select as many users as you want to view, then choose the measures you want to view the results for.

You can also choose any combination of metrics to view at once; measures, goals, feedback; letting you compare results across different types of data at once.

View comparison data graphically with bar graphs and scatter diagrams

We've taken employee ladders and comparisons a step further than just viewing in a tabular format. With the latest update to organisation reporting, you can easily visualise your tabular comparison data in three graphical formats:

  • Bar Chart
  • 2D Scatter Plot
  • 3D Scatter Plot

With the 3D scatter plot, you can select up to three metrics to compare across your employees at one time, making it easier to visually see differences, trends and improvement in your people.

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