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Our own app stack! What we run Everperform on.

Oct 7, 2019 | Written by Everperform HQ

We often get asked by our customers and partners for recommendations on other SAAS products or apps that we can advocate, and our response is always - "well, this is what works for us!" 

We're here to share the app stack that helps drive the Everperform business and a little on why we choose the solutions we do.


We keep our financial stack pretty lean. With great apps out there like Xero and Stripe, we can automate a lot of our billing and accounting overhead.

Practice Ignition

We love Xero, and although we are not in the target market for Practice Ignition, we have found it to be a perfect fit for our personalisation engagements and our customers have been impressed with the ease and experience of signing off our engagements with PI.

Marketing & Sales

Just like our finance stack, we keep our marketing and sales services pretty lean. Tools like HubSpot are great for letting our marketing and sales teams work collaboratively, coupled with Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of our combined efforts.

Google Analytics

HubSpot is our source of truth for everything from contact to customer. We use both Marketing and Sales modules, although at different levels to keep the flow all in one place. 

It makes it easy for our Marketing and Sales teams to remain in the know, and we use HubSpot for our daily lead generation and conversion stand-ups. 

We use Calendly to help make it easy for our prospective customers to find a time that suits them to chat with us and Loom to record any online demos, new guides and webinars that we can share with our community. 

We also use this for internal communication as well if people are unable to make the sessions, they can easily watch to catch up.

Collaboration & Work Management


We like this combo between Google, Atlassian and Slack, as it fits our business really well. For a long time, our tech team used Slack while the rest of the company used Gmail as the primary medium of communicating. 

We found this way too inefficient, and so the tech team convinced (although we do have rubber arms!) the rest of us to use Slack, and we haven't looked back. So much so we have our Slack integration with Everperform coming (really) soon!

The knowledge base of our business is split between Google Drive and Confluence, depending on the team and the category of knowledge. We are finding that knowledge creation is often formed within Confluence, and once it hits a stage of maturity that makes sense, it gets converted into Slides or Docs. This flow seems to work for us.

Customer Engagement & Service

WorkflowMax (Xero)

Our daily customer stand-up is run on Hangouts using Trello as our tool to help know our customer status at any point in time. We use Intercom for user in-app messaging and user support, as well as building out our user knowledge base. 

WorkFlowMax is used by our personalisation team to plan and track their time spent engaging with our customers on personalisation services.

Community & Social

No surprises here!!


High-Performance Management & Improvement


Well, it would be a little strange if we didn’t use our own masterful creation wouldn’t it? We use Everperform to help keep Everperform focused on the most important activities, whilst also helping our team get the most out of themselves.

Every team member has their own personalised playbook that gets updated every 90 days aligned to the business plan and pulls in data from the best system above that houses the performance data needed.

So there it is - our app stack. That is not to say that it won't change, and that is a key point to make. If you asked us the same question 12 months ago, the list would be different. And it will be different again in 12 months time.

So 'if it ain't broke don't fix it', however, you should always keep your finger (or someone else in your team who loves this stiff) on the pulse on what is happening in the tech space. It's always improving and might help you think differently about your own business.

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