Product Update: Real time performance data sync with Xero Practice Manager

Oct 30, 2019 | Written by Everperform HQ

Having all of your performance-related data in one place is key to knowing the areas you need to improve on. That's why we have been working hard with the team at Xero to integrate Everperform with Xero Practice Manager.

You can sync billable hours from your Xero Practice Manager account, which will appear as KPIs under each user in Everperform that matches to a Xero Practice Manager user.

Once the data is in sync, you will be able to view the trends for those KPIs, as well as set targets you want your employees to hit. Mixed with the data you're already capturing in Everperform, you're set with everything you need to have better conversations with your project managers and employees, aimed at improving performance.

You can learn more about integrating your Xero Practice Manager and Everperform accounts here. If you don't have an Everperform account, and what to see the integration working for your business, feel free to book in a 30 minute personalised demo.

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