Remote Performance Trends: March - April.

Apr 20, 2020 | Written by Cristian Tountzis

The past month has seen many organisations transition to remote working, and employees adjusting to that transition. To help, we created the Remote Performance Playbook, a set of automated pulses via Everperform that teams can use for free to more easily measure remote performance, productivity and wellbeing.

This playbook has been running for roughly a month, collecting responses from our users on how they're coping with working from home, how well they are adapting, their productivity levels, connection to their team and more. You can check out the Remote Performance Hub here.

We wanted to share with our community some of the insights we have learnt over the past month, and how people can make their remote working experience more enjoyable and productive. If you'd like to measure your remote performance levels for yourself, head over to everperform.com/remote-work and feel free to get in touch with us.

Top Areas:

These areas are performing the best across the Remote Performance playbook.


Being on time to remote meetings, sticking to work schedules and routine is going well for people working remotely. It doesn't seem as though the lack of an office is impacting timeliness in teams all that much.

Getting Fresh Air

People are taking the time to get outside and get away from the home office at least once per day. This is important to maintain a positive mindset, as well as exercise and breaks throughout the day. We talk about this in more detail in our blog post, Maintaining A Positive Mindset While Managing Remotely.

Confidence Working Remote

Confidence in being able to work remotely is still high, which is a good sign that people are adapting to remote work and feeling more comfortable in performing at their best out of the office.

What Needs Improvement:

Productivity & Distractions

Productivity levels have remained more or less the same as working from an office, based on our data. However, in the past fortnight, this area has been trending down to lower productivity levels. This could be because of two related areas: Distractions and Environment.

Having a dedicated workspace at home can really help with productivity during the day, as well as taking breaks and maintaining a good work-life balance. Overworking can be easy when working remote, and putting in extra hours because you can lead to burnout.

Make sure to read our blog post, Tips On Limiting Distractions At Home To Improve Productivity for more detailed insight into being more productive while working from home.


Being physically distanced from your team, it's important that employees still feel recognised for the efforts they are putting in while working remotely. While recognition is still at a good level while working remote, like Productivity and Distractions above, it has been trending down the last fortnight.

At Everperform we have found daily catchups for 10 minutes in the morning helps keep everyone on track and makes their work more meaningful from a distance.

Breakdown by Category.

Adapting To Remote Work

Measure of how people are adapting to remote work.

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Remote Team Work

Measure of how well people are working together remotely.

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Focus & Productivity

Measure of productivity and focus while people are working remote.

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Meaningful Connections

Measure of how well people are connected and interacting while working remote.

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Wellbeing At Home

Measure of people's wellbeing, mindset and health while working remotely.

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If you'd like to view the trends for yourself, and learn more about Remote Performance, can checkout our Remote Performance Hub.

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