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Remote Work Insights For April

May 20, 2020 | Written by Cristian Tountzis

A full report of the Remote Work Insights detailed below is available for free using this the link.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many Australians found that they were suddenly adapting to a new style of working - remote work. The team at Everperform has been working with our customers to measure their remote working experience, how well they've been adapting, how productive they are, how ready they are to return to in-office work.

We wanted to share some of these insights with you, so managers and employees can arm themselves with these learnings and provide a better remote-working experience for their teams and peers, and prepare for a smooth transition back to the office.

The Transition To Remote Work & Productivity.

April saw a lot of businesses rapidly need to transition to remote work. This sudden transition not only put stress on businesses but on employees' wellbeing and productivity while becoming accustomed to the change.

Overall, people adapted well to remote working changes. We were able to measure employee adaption levels over the last 3 months, and you can see from the graph below that employee adaption levels are high throughout.

It was important to measure individuals productivity during this time as well, to see what impact the transition was having on the amount of work being done, and how focused people were.

Based on our results, most employees found that their productivity levels didn't change while adapting to remote work. The graph below shows Adaption levels weighted against Productivity & Focus.

There are a few explanations for this. Many businesses might find themselves already set up for remote work, using communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack and other collaboration tools in the office.

Another reason may be the type of business the employee works in. Professional services would have seen an increase in client work-related government incentives, such as Job Keeper, bumping up employee productivity levels during the transition.

What People Are Certain & Uncertain About.

Running our data though Everperform's correlation algorithms, we were able to get insight into areas people were collectively more certain or less certain about during February to April.

People are less certain that:

  • Interacting with their colleagues online helps in achieving targets.
  • There are more or fewer distractions at home compared to the office.
  • Productivity levels have improved at home, compared to working in an office.

People are more certain that:

  • They are more punctual to online meetings.
  • They are focusing on the most important tasks during the day.
  • They're making a positive contribution to their team and clients while working remotely.

Preparing For The 'The New Normal'.

We're now coming out of the transition phase of remote work and moving into more of a rhythm. Some companies are even preparing for their employees to return to the office. In the current situation, there are concerns people have about returning to in-office work.

We have compiled some of these into themes based on the responses we have collected. Managers and leaders should look out for and address these concerns while preparing to come out of working remotely.

  • Returning To Work
  • Catching Public Transport
  • Office Hours
  • Securing Staff Safety
  • Staggering Return To Work
  • Flexibility Arrangements Regarding Home/Office Working Split
  • Client Meetings - online versus face to face

You can read our break down of these concerns, with tips to overcome them in more detail here.

During this transition, we have found it invaluable to measure the wellbeing and productivity of our team while working remotely. Even though businesses are transition out of remote work, it is even more important to make sure this process goes smoothly and doesn't negatively impact your employees and business.

A full version of the Remote Work Insights Report is available for free using this link.

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