The problem that Everperform solves

Oct 16, 2017 | Written by Everperform HQ

In the words of our CEO, Wade Keenan:

"Everyone is attempting to design an equation around how they can create more value in the appropriate time that they have."

Value has different meanings for different people; it may be political, monetary, family, sporting or relationship value. As such, value can be equated in different ways. The goal of Everperform is to illuminate and make transparent the components of how to measure the value people attend to and the time it takes to achieve certain value. We identify what people see as important, how they currently taking the steps to achieve their outcomes (whether resourcefully or ‘unresourceful’) and provide solutions to achieve goals quicker, faster and smarter. In doing so we are solving the equation thus moving people closer to contentment. We help people focus on what matters so that they can improve.

When it comes to improvement Wade believes that there are two classes:

  • Improvement
  • Consistency

Whilst some people classify improvement as repeating what they are currently doing and bettering how they do it, others are interested in learning new pathways to reach their end goal. Wade believes that it doesn’t matter if improvement is to get more value or to get the same value in less time — some people are in the improvement realm and others are in the consistency realm. The consistency realm has a twist though because even if you want everything to be the same, some things have to change — the world is constantly spinning and to maintain consistency you inevitably have to change.

At the highest-level Everperform makes transparent every person’s performance identity so they have a conscience understanding about how they measure value and time they attribute to what they do. The second goal is to connect people — Wade believes that there is an abundance of knowledge and experience that doesn’t get transferred and it is our job to accelerate the best ways to do things faster and better so that every generation has greater opportunity than the last.

So where do we fit on the market?

Everperform is defining its own category and doesn’t fit in to any mould defined by the pre-existing market. The problem of performance is currently getting solved in domains rather than in a holistic way. Wade believes that there are people very focused on how to solve performance problems by ‘looking through eyes of action (and therefore improving action) rather than looking through eyes of human as a whole.’ We look at all the aspects of a person’s life and environment that contribute to their actions (or lack of action) and build a comprehensive performance identity. Once people understand their performance identity they understand their mindset, capability and behaviour — Improving on this becomes much easier.

Could you be the right customer?

We make the job of a team manager and a team member more transparent, focused and time efficient. Wade describes creating great team managers currently as a ‘minefield’ because there are no written rules and there is no one way of doing it. We are putting all the ingredients together to create a recipe that works every time. We are creating great team managers and we are providing a much more consistent and transparent way of doing it. So the answer is… If you are motivated to improve, want to improve at a faster rate and want to become a better leader — you are definitely the right customer for us.

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