Xero Integration - See how people and culture impact your bottom line.

Dec 24, 2019 | Written by Cristian Tountzis

Everperform Xero integration connects your financials to your people-performance data. Read on to learn more.

If you're using Xero to keep track of your business's financials, you can now keep them in sync with your people-performance metrics in Everperform. Our Xero Integration lets you connect the dots between people-performance, culture and business results in one platform.

How does it work?

Our Xero Integration syncs your high-level business metrics with Everperform as daily KPIs. Once Xero and Everperform are connected, the following KPIs will be updated daily:

  • Cash Balance ($)
  • Invoices Due ($)
  • Invoices Overdue ($)
  • Bills to Pay ($)
  • Bills Overdue ($)
  • Total Cash In ($, MTD)
  • Total Cash Out ($, MTD)

Read our full guide on connecting your Everperform instance to your Xero account

Why connect Xero and Everperform?

It's easy to see your financials going up or down, but it's not as easy to identify why. Because we measure your people-performance and lead indicators, when you sync your Xero account with Everperform, you can now see how culture, engagement and alignment are impacting your business metrics.

This gives you the right data and insights to make decisions around your most important business metrics. Do you have a people and culture issue? Is engagement impacting your bottom line. Or is your business improving because everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal. These questions become easier to answer and plan around once both Xero and Everperform are synced.

I want sync my people and financial performance, but don't have an Everperform account.

That's easily fixed. You can create an account for your team free here, or, if you want to see the platform before creating an account, you can book a personalised demo.

What other apps does Everperform sync with?

We recently announced our new Slack integration, which send pulses directly to a channel in your Slack workspace, cutting out the need for another email. Everperform also integrates with Xero Practice Manager to pull in job and project data with your people-performance data.

We are working on more integrations with people's favourite apps. If there's an app you would love to sync with Everperform, let us know at

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